Nagoya, Japan food culture is wonderful.

Hello, my name is Yuji.


This time, I would like to introduce my favorite food in Nagoya, Japan.

Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya

All three cities in Japan have a solid foundation in economics, culture and industry.

Kyoto is a city that preserves the old culture.


This time, I will introduce three meals of Nagoya.



Kishimen きしめん

Nagoya station and Shinkansen

When you get off the Tokaido Shinkansen, which is the main artery of Japan, you can see it immediately.

There is a "Kishen Sumiyoshi" on the Shinkansen platform. It is a feature of Nagoya Station that you can feel the food culture early. The smell of the soup stock of Kishimen is on the platform.



There are Kishimen shops on each platform of Nagoya Station, and many of them are "Sumiyoshi". There is also a Kishimen shop named "Ikoi" or "Gurumen".

The famous one is "Sumiyoshi".


"Sumiyoshi" of the Shinkansen platform is famous for its quickness. It will be completed in about 30 seconds from the order!

Very very fast!

You can start eating without waiting.



The picture is "Kishimen". It is 350 yen.

You can have a happy time while enjoying the rich aroma and taste of the broth.



Miso-Katsu 味噌カツ


Next is the introduction of "Miso-Katsu".

I think this is the strongest food that recovers rapidly if you eat when tired.

Adding miso to "katsu" is not a Japanese standard. It is Nagoya original.


Nagoya where the power of the manufacturing industry is huge, centered on Toyota.
I feel that "Miso-Katsu" is likely to be a big ally for workers.




Ogura-An 小倉あん

Hiru-kome plate "Ogura Whip Sand"

Finally, I introduce Ogura An.

People in Nagoya seem to love Ogura-An. There is a lot of food using Ogura-An including "Ogura-An bread" and "Ogura-An sandwich".

The image above is the "Ogura Whip Sand" of the "Hiru-kome plate" (weekdays 11:30-14:00 limited) of the company "Komeda Coffee" which is a company in Nagoya.

It is around 1,000 yen for drink + 540 yen.


This time, I introduced three food culture of Nagoya. How was it?

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